China is quickly suitable the exactly favored goal for studying MBBS to foreign country. Studying for international students especially for Bangladeshi and other countries studentsan internationally accept English Language Medicalprogram in China has turn growth popular since last 11 years.So, China is perfect location for MBBS. Annually, exceeding nine thousand foreign students take place China to study MBBS.World Health Organization give acknowledgedto Medical Institute for international student`s with English language MBBS in China.

Every year China take lots of students (about 50,000) for different university, there present many international people studying by scholarship. Chinas many university offer especially for international students. If you have good educational background you have great opportunities to study in china by scholarship without tuition cost. It’s a great opportunities for Bangladeshi people for get a scholarship in China. You can apply by us for Scholarship we will recommend and assist to all process step by step for scholarship in China.


Engineering in china may be full fill your dream. For international students it’s a great opportunities to study. Their technology, international teacher, lab facilities’ all are updated and worldwide recognized. There have lots of international students with English medium study. Here, you have change to be an international qualified Engineer. IN china there have lots of engineering courses &university for International Students. Besides many university offer to international students for scholarship so, you have to big opportunities’ for get scholarship. If you interested to study engineering in China or get scholarship you can apply by us then Our counselor help you to all process.